• Everybody is hung up on domestic abuse by men against women. Nobody spares a moment to find solutions to the equally devastating verbal abuse men suffer in the hands of their wives. It is
    worse because men can’t discuss what their wives do to them for fear of scorn and derision.
    They suffer in silence. Timebomb.
    Unfortunately, the Nigerian society…[Read more]

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    If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away.
    If he doesn’t want you, nothing can make him stay. It is sad to hear ladies making excuses for a man and his behaviour towards them.
    Men go hard for what they want, if he is not going hard for you, think about it.
    Allow your intuition to save you from heartache.
    Stop trying to change yourself for a…[Read more]

  • Restructuring means different things to different people. Therefore we can’t agree on the definition of restructuring. People are only talking about restructuring because the state of the
    economy is bad. I want to appeal to Nigerians to take easy with APC led govt. APC meant well but what they envisaged is different from the reality on ground.…[Read more]

  • Sunday Papa started the topic WE CAN'T MARRY! . in the forum Couples 1 week, 2 days ago

    You can’t marry everybody. Some people are suppose to be your friends not your marriage partner. For someone to qualify as your spouse,you must be attracted to them spiritually,socially, emotionally, intellectually, mentally and physically -anything short of that equals marital
    Lots of people are in miserable marriages because they…[Read more]

  • 1. Your wife is not perfect, forgive her.
    2. Your wife is the bone of your bone, do not break her.
    3. Your wife is a gift, appreciate her.
    4. Your wife is a rare gem, guide her jealously.
    5. Your wife is your best friend, be friendly with her.
    6. Your wife is your joy, nourish her.
    7. Your wife is to be cherish, be cheerful to her.
    8. Your wife…[Read more]

  • “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving”-philipology.

    As you journey today cultivate the habit of giving coupled and born out of love. Give willingly.


  • Don’t expect anything from life, expectations hurt. When you don’t expect, every moment is a surprise and
    surprise brings happiness with it. Good Day!!!

  • Greatness in life doesn’t just answer to mere wishes but diligence towards work. If you want get to the mountain top, you must work for it and merit it. It doesn’t just come.
    Remember Newton’s first law of motion which states a body will not leave it original state if not acted upon by an external force!
    An African proverb says “He who…[Read more]

  • Rejection or refusal is a temporary phase of life. Always Give Yourself Another chance.
    Never surrender & don’t give your last try In Anything You May reattempt 3 do. Keep trying after every rejection & prepare yourself more strongly, Wisely & make It happen. U Are Not A failure until you give up”

  • A lot of your friends & family won’t come with you on this journey, even though they see you winning. It’s because their FEAR of FAILING is greater than their excitement of having a shot at WINNING!!

  • There are two kinds of ladies you will find in the relationship market. The first and most popular are the CANKER WORMS.
    The canker worms will flash you instead of calling. They will request for transport fare to see you even if the meeting place is in front of her house. They will make you pay for the discussion they have with you, and each time…[Read more]

  • It is plausible when sisters, who have left school a long time ago, show by
    conduct that they are not ready for marriage.
    Some of them, even at this time,
    do not understand the concept of marriage from the biblical perspective and from marriage books.
    Marriage is instituted and ordained by God. It is therefore biblical and spiritual.
    It is…[Read more]

  • Sunday Papa started the topic LISTEN TO ME.. in the forum Love making 1 week, 2 days ago

    To have a good marriage, you must learn to listen to your partner. Spouses don’t complain until they are at their rope’s end. If you do not want your partner to shut down completely on you, learn to listen to their complain, work on it and turn a new leaf or you end up losing them and your precious marriage!
    Listen to your spouse! What are…[Read more]

  • 1. Character is what makes a woman, not curvy big hips nor beauty!
    2. A real woman does not go for already
    established men, she goes for a man
    to establish!
    3. A woman with great brains, and skills is more valuable than a woman with
    cosmetic beauty and curved hips.
    4. The most expensive thing a lady can give a man is not sex but a bright…[Read more]

  • Dear wife, how well do you know your husband’s sexuality. In your own privacy, answer these simple questions on your own, then answer them with your husband. You cannot fully satisfy your
    husband if you don’t know his sexual needs and preference
    1. Is your husband a boob man, a butt man or both?
    2. What is that one body part of you that easily…[Read more]

  • You read the headings well, it is not by mistake or accidental to have written
    such for that, is the reality. Talent is meant to be explore, entrusted for a
    purpose on earth and benevolence to mankind.
    Talent is a tool to which one
    communicates his or her person and what honourable offer such has in giving
    back to the society. It is a gift in…[Read more]

  • The phone is such a personal gadget, how you use it shows how much you love your partner
    1. Take lots of selfies together. Let your phone store lots of pics and albums of you two, capture moments of your love story
    2. Put a photo of your partner or of you two or your child/children as your phone’s wall paper.
    This tells everyone you are…[Read more]

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    There are certain things that goes on during sexual intercourse that we do not pay any attention to due to the excitement or eagerness to get business done.
    Some of these errors can put us in danger or even cause death if care is not taken.
    1. During sexual intercourse some guys realise that the penis is a bit dry and getting it back in may…[Read more]

  • WoW.. Very Creative

  • Sunday Papa replied to the topic PLEASE HELP OUT in the forum Love making 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    The ex left on her own. I see nothing wrong in them being together….
    It can only b wrong if the guy broke up with the ex and ask her friend out…
    They should go on

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