• There are different types of couples in
    marriage and this can be best described
    based on their level of intimacy in
    Below are four types of couples in
    marriage, have a careful study on these
    and identify where you belong and make
    amendment where necessary.

    1. Fight Mates. These are couples that
    see themselves as enemies. They…[Read more]

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    Love this too much

  • Quit building your life around the pain of a person who left you. It is time to fast and pray to birth your high calling in God.

  • -Never share these
    These days, everyone wants to look good by making themselves can come up and receiving as many compliments come
    their way. Quite normal, but you should never be desperate to use someone else’s makeup kits or allow others to use yours. Here are some no go area when it comes to make-up, check them out and
    see the reasons behind…[Read more]

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    A lot of ladies are guilty of carrying forward past hurts and punishing the men in their lives for the wrongs done by their past lovers. If he cheated on her, she keeps accusing or suspecting the
    current man will cheat on her.
    If her ex used to not pick her calls because he is with another woman, she automatically thinks her current is not picking…[Read more]

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    Don’t fall in love with a guy just because he is rich, handsome and popular. Fall in love with a guy who loves to stay up at night just to see you breathing or to see you smiling while you are dreaming. Fall in love with a guy who loves the way you sip your coffee or the way you chew
    your food.
    Fall in love with a guy who loves the way you smile…[Read more]



    Twenty-one senators currently receiving pensions from government as ex-governors and deputy governors.
    The current senators who once served as governors are Bukola Saraki of Kwara, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of Kano, Kabiru Gaya of Kano, Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom, Theodore Orji…[Read more]

  • .
    1. Play with her breasts, don’t play with her heart.

    2. Open up her heart, don’t open her old wounds.

    3. Keep her secrets, don’t keep secrets from her.

    4. Beat up her problems, don’t beat her up.

    5. Help her to make good judgements, don’t judge her.

    6. Spread her legs alone, don’t spread sexual diseases to her.

    7. Fool around with her,…[Read more]

    Take Care of Your Penis….
    Tips to keep your penis clean, sweet and healthy.
    As a man, keeping your penis healthy and sweet is important. Your sexual organs are very valuable and must be cared for.
    1. A clean penis is very important so wash your penis with warm water at least twice a day.
    Clean the scrotum and under the penis shaft…[Read more]

  • Never think that what you got is just too small,
    Never think that what you have, is the lease of all.
    Try to build your world around it and make it interesting.
    Make it inviting!
    “Don’ t wait till the game is up.”
    Now is the nick of time…..You’ ve bring to light all what you’ ve, take a bull by his horns.
    “Remember Rome wasn’ t built in a day.”

  • Mago mago, copy copy

  • Nothing is impossible, as the word itself says “I’m possible” – Audrey Hepburn

    Irrespective of the economy, worry less cos the Lord will make all things work out for your good and you’ll not beg to survive.
    Good morning & happy Sunday..

  • A RABBIT runs, jumps, moves faster and lives for only fifteen 15 years while a TORTOISE doesn’t even attempt any of such activities but lives for 150 years or more

    Life is not about rushing, comparison and doing what others are doing but rather keep calm and do what is right and what you are called to do.

    They may live in the same forest and…[Read more]

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    You have been crying and begging him to forgive you even when you know deep down in your heart that he’s the one
    at fault but still, he’s acting too much. You have gone as far as meeting with his friends just to help you talk to him but all to no avail.. over 10 SMS and chat just to prove how sorry you’re, still he’s carrying a long face.
    Is he…[Read more]

  • Do you want to know why you are being hurt ?
    It is because you are being attached to someone who distances him/herself from you, you are paying attention to someone who ignores you, you are making time for someone who is too
    busy for you, you are too caring to someone who seems careless towards you, you are loving someone who is in love with…[Read more]

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    The most difficult time to be in a relationship as a guy is in your early twenties. The period when you are stuck in a limbo, trying to figure out yourself and who you want to be. At this age,
    you find it a herculean task asking money from your parents, considering your dad will always remind you of how he was self sufficient at your age.
    So you…[Read more]

  • It hurts me a lot whenever I see a good
    relationship tearing apart, but then it comes into
    my mind that most people don’t know how to
    maintain a relationship. So I have to say this.
    1- FOR GUYS.
    Guys if you love a girl and you’re sure you love her, there are things you have to do to prove it:
    1. Never push her to do the things, she doesn’t…[Read more]

  • Off course nature surpass all but your principles,fear of God and way of life will be helpful in relationship. nice post

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    What’s the worst way someone broke up with you? Or what’s the worst way you broke up with someone?

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    (1)Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    (2)The Fate of the Furious
    (3)The Boss Baby
    (4)How to Be a Latin Lover
    (5)Beauty and the Beast
    (6)The Circle
    (7)Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
    (9)Going in Style
    (10)Smurfs: The Lost Village
    (BONUS)King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

    Watched any?

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